Friday, January 22, 2010

USB 2.0 Y Cable of Choice, DoubleQueue

DoubleQueue USB 2.0 Y Cable at EverythingHerePlus.comThe DoubleQueue USB 2.0 Y Cable features two upstream male A connectors, one for data and power, one for power only, and provides a downstream female A connector. Designed for notebooks and computers that don't provide enough current at their USB 2.0 ports, DoubleQueue's ability to draw power from a second port allows power hungry devices like WWAN 3G modems and hard drives. Some computers provide as little as 300mA per port, which while within specification, is woefully inadequate for many USB 2.0 devices. The DoubleQueue USB 2.0 Y Cable's ability to provide up to 1000mA to 1200mA when used with 500mA ports, and up to 600mA when used with 300mA ports. Providing a female A receptacle allows DoubleQueue to accept USB 2.0 and 1.1 male A cable ends and devices like the MicroU2E-MV without any other adapters. The DoubleQueue USB 2.0 Y Cable can be used as a normal USB 2.0 extender cable simple by using the data and power portion of the cable only.

DoubleQueue USB 2.0 Y Cables the best choice for a range of devices including 3G/4G WWAN wireless mobile broadband devices like the Kyocera KPC680 or Option Wireless GT Max 3.6 Express when used with the MicroU2E family of adapters, and even hard drives and SSD devices requiring extra electrical current.

Available at for just $3.50 with inexpensive USPS Priority Mail shipping.

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